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Are you looking for the best destination for a weekend getaway? Find some of the most popular options in our guide and compare hotels in the different cities.

weekend destinations

No matter if you are traveling with your family, friends or your partner, a weekend trip is the perfect way to escape everyday life for a while. Around the world you find popular weekend destinations, and listed below you can learn a little more about some of the options. We also recommend that you check out our top 10 lists where you have even more to choose from – the links are found below!

Weekend destinations in Europe

In Europe there are a ton of interesting cities that fit perfectly for a weekend getaway. From big cities packed with tourist sites to charming towns with a relaxing feel – here is something for everyone.


It is probably no surprise that the British capital tops the list of weekend destinations in Europe. Here you can find interesting tourist sites, great shopping and a vibrant dining scene – and lots of hotels.


For couples looking for a romantic weekend destination, Paris is the place to go. Stroll around among the famous buildings, eat great food and enjoy the unique vibe that only Paris can offer.


If you want to visit a town that is a full package deal, we recommend a visit to Barcelona. In the Spanish city you find everything from beaches and restaurants to museums and shopping, and you can be sure there is something interesting to find around every corner.

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Weekend destinations in North America

Both the US and Canada have great options when it comes to weekend destinations. With large cities all around North America, there is something for all flavors.


One of the most popular weekend destinations in North America is Montreal. If you choose to visit this beautiful Canadian city you can expect to see many historic landmarks and interesting architecture.

New York City

The Big Apple might not need much of an introduction, being one of the most visited cities in the world. New York is filled with buildings, food, art and fashion, and if you choose to visit this city the time will surely fly by.


If you are looking for sunshine and long beaches, a trip to Miami is always a good choice. This diverse city offers a fusion of flavors and lots of shopping possibilities together with a vibrant nightlife.

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