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Hotels in Saundersfoot

All hotels in Saundersfoot, United Kingdom. Search from over 83 accommodations (4 hotels) in Saundersfoot with prices starting at GBP 83.

There is one 5 star hotel in Saundersfoot, Sunnyvale Holiday Park and it has a user rating of 7.70 out of 10.

Yes there are over 2 hotels with pool.

You can find 4 hotels in Saundersfoot, United Kingdom. Among them are St Brides Spa Hotel, Sunnyvale Holiday Park and Merlewood Hotel.

There are 1 hotel chain in Saundersfoot. It's (6 hotels).

Sorry, we don't have enough data for Saundersfoot to determine the most popular hotel.

There is one beach hotel in Saundersfoot, St Brides Spa Hotel.

Yes there are. Sunnyvale Holiday Park and The Imperial Dragon Hotel have family rooms in Saundersfoot, United Kingdom.