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Hotels in Borlänge

All hotels in Borlänge, Sweden. Search from over 16 accommodations (9 hotels) in Borlänge with prices starting at SEK 776.

Yes there are over 5 hotels with pool.

You can find 9 hotels in Borlänge, Sweden. Among them are Quality Hotel Galaxen, Scandic Borlänge and Elite Hotel Brage - Hotel & Spa.

There are over 4 hotel chains in Borlänge. Among them are Best Western, First Hotels and Scandic.

The hotel with the best review score is Elite Hotel Brage - Hotel & Spa with an average user score of 8.40 out of 10, this hotel also has 4 stars. The hotel that has the most number of rooms is Quality Hotel Galaxen, this hotel has an average user score of 7.70 out of 10.

There are two hotels with beach in Borlänge. Ulfshyttans Herrgård and First Camp Mellsta-Borlänge.

Yes there are 7 hotels in Borlänge, Sweden with family rooms. Among them are Quality Hotel Galaxen and Scandic Borlänge.

Yes. First Camp Mellsta-Borlänge is reported to have ski-to-door access.